TRose Collections Officially Launched!

So proud to say Timpani Rose & I decided to partner up together to work as a team and expand her unique beauty line. Timpani is such a talented/creative unique individual and handmade crochets various apparel and accessories. Our brand consists of all things Fashion/Beauty. Not only does Timpani crochet clothing but she also is a certified makeup artist! She is always looking to use her creativity to crochet/design all types of apparel. These are just a few of the numerous finished products, but there are many more to come! If you are interested in placing an order or if you have any inquiries about purchasing an item, please contact her via email/phone. I will leave her contact information below!!!🤗❤️💄💋🌹

Timpani Rose Email:

Timpani Rose Phone Number: 406-640-8346


Most Pigmented Affordable Highlighter!

Just received this beautiful pigmented highlighter that I ordered on Amazon. It is called J.Cat Beauty You Glow Girl Baked Highlighter in Crystal Sand. If you are looking for a blinding highlight, this ones for you! I am absolutely stunned on how great this looks. All for only $7.87😍👌🏼😱 In case anyone is interested in purchasing this I will link the product below.

Rose Simplicity Tote Bag

Most exciting moment ever to have my own customized merchandise in my hand! Absolutely love how beautiful this tote bag turned out😍 Perfect size for the beach, gym or just as an overnight bag!! Other products coming soon❤️

One Of My Favorite Bathing Suits!

Red is my absolute favorite color to wear! I recently purchased this bathing suit on and it is exactly what I expected it to be. It fits perfectly and I really love how different it is than most swimsuits I own! The best part is the top is not connected so if you wanted to wear this with a different colored top, you have the option to do so! It was also very affordable which was a plus. Would definitely recommend purchasing !!! You can purchase this beautiful swimsuit by clicking on the link here:

8 Amazing Beauty Hacks!

1) After applying lipstick, sometimes we all end up getting lipstick on our teeth. No need to worry though, to avoid that from happening, simply put your index finger in your mouth and close your lips around it then remove your finger from your mouth. Doing this will easily take off the lipstick from the inside of your lips and therefore, the lipstick won’t end up on your teeth!

Related image2) When using mascara, apply two coats to your lashes instead of one. After the first coat, make sure it dries and then continue to apply the second coat of mascara. Be ready to see beautiful, long lashes!
Image result for eyelashes

3) We all hate those random pimples that pop up from time to time or maybe more frequently than we would like. To improve acne, apply tea tree oil onto a cotton ball or even a Q tip and gently dab it onto the areas that are prone to pimples. It will dry up the pimples and most importantly, shrink them.

Image result for acne

4)  If you would like to improve your eyelashes or grow more hair to your eyebrows, make sure to massage either castor oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil etc onto them to promote growth. You can apply the oil to your brows and lashes right before bed by using a Q tip or clean mascara wand.

Image result for oil for lash and brow growth

5) For softer and healthier hair, also massage some coconut oil on the scalp/hair before bed and shampoo the next morning. You can also apply it and let it sit for 20 minutes before washing your hair. 

Image result for coconut oil

6) To prevent clumps in your mascara, run it under hot water before use!

Image result for prevent clumpy mascara

7) Before leaving the house, remember to spray your favorite perfume onto your hairbrush and comb through your hair. It will leave your hair smelling lovely and the amazing scent will last much longer!

Image result for perfume on hairbrush

8) Before doing your makeup, apply an ice cube on your face to refresh your skin and to minimize pores. Your makeup will end up looking flawless and last longer.

Image result for ice cube on face before makeup

Tips To Smooth Beautiful Skin When Shaving

  • When shaving, instead of using a women’s razor replace it with a Men’s razor, your skin will appear smoother.
  • Instead of using soap/regular old shaving cream, shave with coconut oil or hair conditioner, it will leave your skin feeling soft as a baby!
  • Make sure before you shave, to always soak in luke warm water, that way your skin can soften and there’s a smaller risk of getting razor cuts/bumps.
  • To effectively remove hair, shave against the way your hair grows in a particular spot on your body. Usually on the legs, hair tends to grow in downwards. For better & smoother results, I recommend to shave upward.
  • After the shaving is complete and before you go to turn the water off, make sure to rinse off with cold water quickly to close the pores.
  • Once all is completed, always dry off with a towel by patting down your skin instead of rubbing it dry with a towel.
  • If you happen to get razor bumps, dab a cotton ball with tea tree oil on the area, you will see the bumps greatly improve! If your skin is more on the sensitive side, make sure to dilute the tea tree oil with some water so your skin doesn’t become irritated.
  • Most importantly, always remember to moisturize your skin with your favorite lotion to avoid it from becoming dry/flaky and so your skin ends up looking amazingly soft and flawless!!

I hope this benefits all of you, I promise you’ll thank me later!💋