We are going to have those days where we lose all motivation we had left within us to keep going forward. Those days where you wake up and want to breakdown thinking about getting out of bed to begin the day. Nothing may seem to go right and you can’t seem to think with clarity. You review all the tasks you need to still accomplish but your mind and body can’t find the energy to make it happen. Everything you begin to do, your mind draws a blank and you forget why you have even made it thus far in life. Maybe you begin to get disappointed with yourself, beating yourself up about how much you are lacking and that you are a “failure.” The fact of the matter is every human encounters those unpleasant days. However, what if perhaps instead of that negative self talk, you just decided to be kind to yourself. To accept and understand that one troublesome day does not define you. Just as one unfavorable circumstance does not dictate how the remainder of your life will pan out. Every single day the sun simply rises and sets but its everything in between that can make it bearable or unfathomable. You have the power to shift your mind in order to either destroy or help build you. Choose wisely and realistically.

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