Tips To Smooth Beautiful Skin When Shaving

  • When shaving, instead of using a women’s razor replace it with a Men’s razor, your skin will appear smoother.
  • Instead of using soap/regular old shaving cream, shave with coconut oil or hair conditioner, it will leave your skin feeling soft as a baby!
  • Make sure before you shave, to always soak in luke warm water, that way your skin can soften and there’s a smaller risk of getting razor cuts/bumps.
  • To effectively remove hair, shave against the way your hair grows in a particular spot on your body. Usually on the legs, hair tends to grow in downwards. For better & smoother results, I recommend to shave upward.
  • After the shaving is complete and before you go to turn the water off, make sure to rinse off with cold water quickly to close the pores.
  • Once all is completed, always dry off with a towel by patting down your skin instead of rubbing it dry with a towel.
  • If you happen to get razor bumps, dab a cotton ball with tea tree oil on the area, you will see the bumps greatly improve! If your skin is more on the sensitive side, make sure to dilute the tea tree oil with some water so your skin doesn’t become irritated.
  • Most importantly, always remember to moisturize your skin with your favorite lotion to avoid it from becoming dry/flaky and so your skin ends up looking amazingly soft and flawless!!

I hope this benefits all of you, I promise you’ll thank me later!πŸ’‹

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