Seek Within And You Shall Find

“Should I do this? How should I respond? Do you think I should go?” Don’t second guess yourself. If you start making it a habit, relying on other people for answers/choices, you’re going to slowly lose yourself and your inner guidance. Always try your best to listen to your own mind. Of course sometimes, we all need another’s perspective or input on certain scenarios in life when it’s necessary. That being said, MOST times we have all the answers we’re seeking for within ourselves. We just need to be honest while diving deeper within to find it. Sometimes we reach for others opinions or answers because we don’t want to accept the answers we already know. Therefore, by turning to another person we are able to avoid it. Keep in mind, the responses we receive from others are only an outsider’s perspective. Everyone is going to have a different approach to dealing with situations. If you chose to take what they say into consideration and apply it to your circumstance, you may not always get the outcome you expected. Trust and believe what you genuinely feel. You are the only one in control of your life, nobody could live it for you.

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