Speak Up About Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse is just as traumatizing as Physical Abuse. It will leave you with a deep cut, emotional wounds that can take months, years, and sometimes even a lifetime to heal. Emotional abuse is manipulation at its finest. The abuser having absolute control over the victim of the mayhem. Everlasting game of guilt and blame. Constant compulsive lies being told straight to the sufferer’s face. In order to fulfill their ego, of course, they feel the need to use their voice to act superior and leave the victim feeling empty and frightened. Emotional abuse is the power of the “Silent Treatment” to fairly punish the target for not doing what they say, how dare you? Anything you say and do WILL be used against you at a later time when it’s needed for blackmail. The victim of the ongoing insanity is not entitled to express their emotions freely and even if they were to, it would not be even slightly acknowledged. Although the person being abused knows what really happens behind the scenes, the abuser will be sure to make outsiders believe the victim is the “crazy” one. If you attempt to escape the trap, be prepared for absurd violent threats towards you and to hurt themselves.

Please speak up if you’re involved in any toxic, cruel relationship like this. No matter if it consists of friends, family, or a significant other, nobody deserves to be treated in a way as such. It can and will damage you, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself because you are worthy of much much more.Β 

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