Living In Solitude

There is something about living in solitude from time to time that intimidates a majority of people. The idea of being alone with our thoughts and feelings for quite some time can seem forbidding. A lot of us are always aiming to be entertained or distracted by being surrounded by the presence of others. We can’t fathom to face our problems and undesirable feelings directly.

The easiest solution we usually tend to think of is to run away from all of it. We avoid our predicaments by relying on others to make us feel “complete” or we wash our sorrows and worries away in substances such as pills and alcohol. Many times, this then leads to co dependent relationships and continuous addiction. We can only suppress our thoughts and emotions for a brief amount of time. After burying the reality of the circumstances, they are still going to remain. It is inevitable that we are going to be handed hardships during our lives.

If we can learn to accept that pain eventually makes us grow and become wiser, we can realize that it is much more effortless to cope and gain knowledge through enjoying our solitude.

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