The Reality Of Our Opinions

Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions. Us as humans are the only ones blessed to be given the ability to use our voices to project them outwardly to the world. When you truly think about it , that is a major privilege because no animals or any other part of nature have the opportunity to do so.

We are also allowed to use our voices to speak to others positively and negatively, of course that choice is completely up to us. Thats not to say that the words that we vocalize out to the world will not have an impact on other people.

All of us should feel comfortable enough to open up our emotions when it is necessary because sometimes keeping everything to ourselves could be mentally unhealthy. But what i have come to understand is the reason why a lot of us tend to bury our emotions and thoughts is due to what others reactions and opinions will be. That is why the majority of people refuse to reveal their authentic selves, the possibility of judgment turns them away. Although, that may occur, when someone has a negative response towards your actions their response does not prove it to be true.

Everyone’s opinions are ONLY that, an opinion. That does not prove for it to be more correct or valuable than another’s. Understand overall, every statement that comes out of our mouths clearly projects the way we view and feel about ourselves.

Author: Rose Simplicity

Hello! My name is Victoria Graci, and I have essentially been blessed enough to be able to experience the wonderful and not so wonderful obstacles life has to offer through these years of my existence. I would love to share my personal stories & thoughts with all of you, not so much for myself but for all of the people who have significantly struggled in different aspects of life or who could relate in some way. Although, I hope through those struggles you have learned to overcome the battle and become a stronger person. Therefore, I decided to create this blog page for all who may be able to relate to some of my writing and understand you are never alone. Like the cliche saying, there is simply beauty in the struggle.

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