The Thoughts During The Journey of Battling Depression Before Finding My Authentic Self

Feel lost with absolute no direction & no purpose, just stuck as time continues to speed past. One day after another, hoping for a change. I know in order for there to be a change, i need to be the one to make it but what do you do when you have done all you can ? I have ran into a dead end. Every night ends the same , mind full of scrambled thoughts but none of it makes sense. I drown myself in liquor some nights wishing to ease the pain but deep down i know theres no escape. So theres gotta be a solution and answer to all of this. But when and what is it ? The only thing making progress are these drinks being sipped & my mind slowly losing control.

Author: Rose Simplicity

Hello! My name is Victoria Graci, and I have essentially been blessed enough to be able to experience the wonderful and not so wonderful obstacles life has to offer through these years of my existence. I would love to share my personal stories & thoughts with all of you, not so much for myself but for all of the people who have significantly struggled in different aspects of life or who could relate in some way. Although, I hope through those struggles you have learned to overcome the battle and become a stronger person. Therefore, I decided to create this blog page for all who may be able to relate to some of my writing and understand you are never alone. Like the cliche saying, there is simply beauty in the struggle.

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