You need to take action

You CANNOT expect to receive a change if you are not willing to make a change period. Too many people continuously perceive themselves to be a victim of their own self inflicted problems. You can feel bad for yourself for however long you would like but the truth is until you decide to put forth the effort for your life to improve in ANY aspect , it will remain the same. If you decide to deny the reality of it all, you will continue to suffer whether it be mentally/physically or both. Nothing in life is nor will , ever be handed to you on a silver platter. Release yourself from the victim mentality. Nobody has ever succeeded in life without striving to reach their goals and taking action to further progress. For example , you want that career of your dreams? Go out and make that “dream” reality. You want to get that car ? Continue to put hard working effort into eventually receiving it. Because the truth is nobody else is going to do it for you. Nobody else could physically make you achieve it. Enough with the self pity, because you know who will be the first one to complain when someone else receives that job or car you desired so badly ? You. Its not a matter of whether it could, would or should happen , you need to MAKE it happen .

One thought on “You need to take action

  1. Hi Victoria. This blog I really connected with. Your words speak to me so much and I connect with your words on another level as if you exeoreinced the exact same things I did. I’m going to continue to follow your blog because I connect with them on another level and I appreciate you sharing. πŸ™‚

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