For the struggling drug addicts & family members/friends who suffer from a loved one’s addiction 

Addiction is an ongoing battle that refuses to be defeated. It is the one habit that promises to be your best friend until the very end. It will be there for you through all the undescribable physical & mental pain. At least that’s what the addict thinks correct ? When they first laid their hand on it and got a taste of it , they began to use it for whatever undesirable condition they were placed in. Maybe it was a lack of self love & acceptance, a mental disorder, a situation they were forced to deal with that seemed like at the moment a disaster that was going to be lifelong. Whatever the case might be, they were searching for a fix. Little did they know, it was not going to be obtained by proceeding to try it out. “Just this one time, I’ll be fine. I just need to feel okay. Everything will be okay after this , I can feel social , I won’t be anxious & my mind will be occupied” The one time turns into a possible outcome of a lifetime getting stepped on deeper & deeper into a black hole, that many of people don’t end up getting themselves out of. As soon as the addicts short term “cure” deminishes  they feel lonelier than they ever did before taking the narcotic. But remember the addiction is their life-long best friend? Better think twice about that one.

Now the addict is stuck laying in bed , having withdrawals so horrific that they can’t get out of bed. They start to mentally lose it. “I need to get more. I’m so depressed I don’t even know what to do with myself. Should I makeup a false story to my parents so that I could get money? I have no money, maybe I should find some devices and things around the house I could pawn. I need money FAST.” This internal dialogue is what a vast amount of addicts think & worry about as they continue to dance with the devil. Now at this point you may be thinking, “this girl was an addict.” Fortunately that is not true, however I have experienced a lot of years of my life, struggling to help my loved ones addiction and it is truly an ultimate struggle.

Watching a loved one & friends progressively wash away and serve themselves as a slave to the drug is the frustrating/unbearable part. The thing about addiction is, it not only slowly tears the addict apart but the family/friends as well. As an outsider you have the worrisome of hoping to not walk into a room and see a loved one passed out & having to go to the extent to see if they have a pulse. Many times, that seems to be the case. An addict pushes their limit or obeys their “best friend” so much that their heart stops beating. Their family & friends in their lives become traumatized for life from this unfortunate event & end up having to bear with endless turmoil for the rest of their existence.

On the other hand, many addicts end up seeking help because they no longer want to be part of this falsely livelihood that they once thought to be their ultimate solution. Those who are able to beat down the addiction and reach out to change their lives, are the lucky ones. Not every addict has that option or willpower to do such thing. I also believe that although someone may have had an addiction or currently does, does NOT limit their potential to lead a great life in the future. As a family member/friend of an addict you must always sustain positive & supportive towards them. Please keep in mind, you can only reach out to an addict to be a helping hand. You can’t break the actual addiction for them. You will drive yourself over the edge thinking you could be their hero but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

To those who have had thoughts to get a hand on drugs or who ended up being a victim of the harsh addiction, understand that your current situation is not your last destination, so don’t settle to think as such. You ultimately, have the ability to change the intensity of the feelings/situations you are going through by looking at it in a brighter perspective. Let your troublesome lead you a better way and mold you into a more enlightened individual. You are NEVER alone. Keep your head up & remember always, if you have enough will be destined to seek the bright light at the end of that tunnel.

Author: Rose Simplicity

Hello! My name is Victoria Graci, and I have essentially been blessed enough to be able to experience the wonderful and not so wonderful obstacles life has to offer through these years of my existence. I would love to share my personal stories & thoughts with all of you, not so much for myself but for all of the people who have significantly struggled in different aspects of life or who could relate in some way. Although, I hope through those struggles you have learned to overcome the battle and become a stronger person. Therefore, I decided to create this blog page for all who may be able to relate to some of my writing and understand you are never alone. Like the cliche saying, there is simply beauty in the struggle.

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