Embrace your inner beauty & create the life YOU want to live 

What is life and what is ur purpose ?The most important thing to always keep in mind is that your thoughts create your reality. What you think, you will attract and also perceive. That being said, if you think positively your giving yourself endless opportunities to attract positive things and people in ur life as well as negative thoughts go. So it’s really up to you to decide how you want to live. As far as questioning what life really is and why we as (humans) are brought onto this earth.. this has been a question asked for over decades of years. Personally I believe that every single one of us were created for a reason and a specific purpose and it’s up to us to figure out that purpose. That’s the whole point of life, to continue to live day by day not knowing what will come next. Every situation given in life is handled by your actions and also the way you react towards it. If we were so sure to know what came next in our lives what would be the point ? The unknown is what makes people keep striving and moving forward to look forward to the next obstacle given . I like to think that there are two ways to go about every hardship we face. We could either have anger, resentment, guilt, grief etc. towards the situation we are dealing with and make ourselves the victims or we could chose the wiser path and accept that what has occurred in our life happened and there’s nothing you could do about it but to move on from the situation and allow yourself to grow and become stronger and wiser from it …at the end of the day it’s your life and you’re the only one in control of the decisions you make. Your life is not in the hands of your friends, family or anybody else but your own. I think that’s where a lot of people get it confused. They’re so wrapped up in today’s society and “how you’re supposed to act and look” and by what’s presented all over social media that they forget how to think for themselves as well as be themselves. No two people could possibly be the exact same and that is what’s so beautiful about every single one of us.. every individual is different and unique in their own certain way and that’s where your power is given so why not use is to your advantage and embrace it instead of disowning it ?

Author: Rose Simplicity

Hello! My name is Victoria Graci, and I have essentially been blessed enough to be able to experience the wonderful and not so wonderful obstacles life has to offer through these years of my existence. I would love to share my personal stories & thoughts with all of you, not so much for myself but for all of the people who have significantly struggled in different aspects of life or who could relate in some way. Although, I hope through those struggles you have learned to overcome the battle and become a stronger person. Therefore, I decided to create this blog page for all who may be able to relate to some of my writing and understand you are never alone. Like the cliche saying, there is simply beauty in the struggle.

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